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What We're Here to Do

Build and Use Evidence to Improve the Lives of San Antonio Residents

The Research Partnerships Portal is a pilot initiative from the City of San Antonio’s Office of Innovation and multiple City departments. Our goal is to connect City departments and offices with San Antonio's research and philanthropic sectors to answer important questions about how to best design, deliver, and evaluate city services. We believe that evidence is an important part of improving public services and policy, and we're excited about what we can do together!

Promote Durable Partnerships at All Stages of the Learning Process

We believe that great work is built from lasting relationships. We're looking for thought partners, not just evaluators, and seek collaborators from a wide variety of research disciplines. Project opportunities may include problem framing, introduction to existing research, intervention and evaluation design, technical assistance, reporting, and other research and collaboration areas.

Share Knowledge About What Works

Applied research on a specific challenge has the potential to benefit public services as a whole. To do this, we need to be transparent with our results and methods. We know that publication is an important part of the research process, and will work with collaborators to support publication where appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility Statement

We are committed to making the Research Partnerships Portal accessible for all visitors, and we welcome your feedback on the site. If you encounter any accessibility barriers while using the Portal, please contact Jenna Wallace (email: jenna.wallace@sanantonio.gov, office phone number: 210-207-7930) for assistance.

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This portal is part of a pilot initiative to support applied research partnerships. If you have ideas for how to further improve it, please let us know!