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Which communication channel will generate more interest in Train for Jobs SA?

Project ended: June 30, 2021
Department or Agency: Economic Development Department, Workforce Development

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Economic DevelopmentWorkforce Development

Project Overview


We evaluated the effectiveness of two communication channels —text message vs. postcard—to encourage residents to apply to a jobs training program, Train for Jobs SA. We contacted over 30,000 applicants to the COVID-19 Emergency Housing Assistance (EHAP) who were likely to have experienced job and/or income loss due to the pandemic. Residents who were randomly assigned to receive texts were 50% more likely to call 311 than the residents who received a postcard. At this response rate, texts ($18/text) were significantly more cost-effective than postcards ($220/postcard).

Planned use of results

  • Inform future campaigns that will improve reach, cost-savings, and equitable outcomes.

The project is complete.

We’re eager to learn how you use the results and welcome any questions.

Project point of contact

Laura Katz

Senior Advisor

Behavioral Insights Team

Project Team

Laura Katz

Senior Advisor

Behavioral Insights Team

Micah Melia


Behavioral Insights Team

City of San Antonio Economic Development Department

Office of Innovation

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